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We provide the latest state-of-the-art solutions and services to keep businesses secure and at the forefront of the future

IoT & AI Solutions

Tahaluf makes life smarter & easy by combining artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Our IoT & AI platform offers a wide range of services, broad areas, and various benefits you’ll need to create a full portfolio of solutions that will fulfill your demands and bring the distant future closer than you can ever imagine.

Transportation Solutions

Our integrated digital solutions are an integral part of enabling the digital transformation of road management, providing a platform for road authorities to reinvent the way in which they operate road networks with the latest intelligent systems that consist of information technology, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, and big data.

Low-Code No-Code Solutions

Our solution low-code no-code is the first approach and the suitable choice, to simplify and enable digital transformation faster by providing a user-friendly cloud-based business application platform or dedicated servers that empowers organizational business users without coding skills to automate workflows and operations, different web and mobile apps and software with maximum freedom, using a simple drag-and-drop design, 10 times faster than a traditional approach, ensuring that businesses are implemented and developed in a comprehensive manner.    

Immigration & Law Enforcements Solutions

Our strategic partners’ needs in the security sector are our main interest. And to keep their requirements met, we always strive to find effective security solutions that are outside the norms. We coordinate and support them by providing smart platforms and security systems that will maximize and raise the efficiency and readiness of security at ports and borders.

Digital Transformation Solutions

The business world is continually evolving as it strives to switch from the traditional model into a more digitally inclined one. And given the magnitude of the change in digital technology we have remained on top of these advancements, using the best practices available and deploying all the possibilities to improve your organization’s day-to-day business processes by kicking off the digital transformation to create a competitive distinction in the digital era.      

Education Solutions

Digitization is driving all industries into adopting new trends and technologies from all around the world and the educational sector took its share of the transformation occurring. With the effort of our education experts have developed and implemented a series of services that have the sole purpose of improving and maintaining the quality of what the industry has to offer.

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