1st July 2019

Tahaluf Training Centre has started its summer courses for the months of July and August. These courses come as part of Tahaluf’s plan to provide the Emirati students and fresh graduates with the needed knowledge and skills in the fields of web development and cyber security.

Tahaluf’s training plan consists of different courses on: Programming, web design, web applications, network defender, Incident handler, disaster recovery, Ethical hacking, and forensic investigation.

At the end of these courses, students will be ready to enter the job market with the needed skills and techniques as developers.

Tahaluf Training Centre was established to provide courses to the employees of the government sectors, and the national human resources from various sectors through using the latest academic and professional programs, and the latest technologies by the most skilled and experienced trainers, in order to meet the needs of the country and the market to keep up with the rapid changes of the digital age and the cultural impact of globalization.