Accept payments anytime, anywhere through your mobile app, or website.

What is Tahaluf Payment Gateway?

With Tahaluf, accepting and making payments has never been easier or more secure! Your one stop shop for safe and secure complete payment solutions, Tahaluf payment suite provides a streamlined approach to processing web payments and mobile payments using credit cards, debit cards, direct bank accounts.




Accept payments online, customize payment tools, and measure the progress of your business in one unified platform with our powerful gateway payment suite. Our payment solutions provide a safe, secure, quick and efficient way for making payments to government and merchant services.   

Tahaluf payment gateway solutions process and track:   

  • Direct debit payment   
  • Credit card payments   
  • Invoice payments   
  • Settlements   
  • Refunds   
  • Payment reversal   
  • Reconciliations   
  • Financial reporting   

Amwal Payment Gateway is the new advanced gateway for processing payments for any type of online services or products sale. This gateway has many features with full automation of settlements, distribution and reconciliation. It is built to be easily fully integrated with other systems and can be customized according to any business need.

In the example of UAE, visa payments can be collected instantly and distributed automatically to all service providers from different entities. The gateway also provides a fully automated process for collecting and refunding deposits. It also uses top of third-party technologies and advanced Artificial intelligence patterns.



Tahaluf security requirements meet the latest global standards to protect your personal and financial information. Using SSL128 bit encryption, MD5 encryption, 2 Factor Authentications, and multi-layered authentication and authorization, you can rest assured knowing that all of your personal and private information is safe and secure.


Tahaluf Payment Gateway Solutions are designed using innovative technology that is flexible, effective and strengthened with the highest industry standards in encryption and security. Product support, customer support, and platform improvements are conducted regularly to meet and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

User Friendly

Not only does Tahaluf offer one of the most advanced methods to process secure electronic payments, but our payment suite is also easy to navigate! Our payment gateway solutions are designed and engineered to ensure all financial information remains private and confidential, fully protecting and guarding against fraudulent activity.

Tahaluf builds the most robust and scalable tools for Internet commerce and digital payment processing. Whether you are creating an on-demand marketplace, a crowdfunding platform, a subscription service, or you maintain a large government agency, the experts at Tahaluf meticulously design payment gateway solutions to help your organization create the best possible payment solution for your users.