IoT Early Alarm System is a safety solution that adds an additional layer of security control over public events or fixed assets (e.g. University, banks), and it provides 24×7 smart monitoring of buildings.

The Early Alarm System provides different types of connectivity, video surveillance, physical alarm and motion sensors, which can communicate with each other to control and detect any kind of threats.

Our Early alarm System elements contain the below:

  • Unified platform: One single IoT Platform can be used to manage the fleet and mobile assets as well as the fixed assets/ building.
  • Surveillance & Sensor: The cameras and sensors deployed in the different locations of the fixed assets are connected with the alarm unit that reports the location; in case of any incident, these tools will activate the alarm and can be linked to the identified authorities or based on a preset authorization matrix.
  • Alarm Buttons: This element can be installed in one or several locations across the fixed asset premises.
  • Cloud Storage: Using the cloud storage will offers you unlimited access to live/history data, which will save time and cost.