Delivering Safe and Smart Cities, and Transportation.

Taking care of your requirements in designing integrated solutions, utilizing state of the art set of tools and hardware by integrating and deploying our custom IoT Platform. We have built a unique platform including set of services that would be tailored and customized upon our client’s requirements. Tahaluf IoT platform is playing a major role in providing services to fulfill today’s demanding market and achieve:

  • Cost reduction.
  • Energy saving.
  • Security.

We are providing our smart platform, with focus on security and automated remote management of assets. The process of monitoring and managing assets is not just about viewing, tracking, connectivity, streaming live footage, and access geographical location of assets, it is also about analysis, access to the right information at the right time as well as providing real-time two-way control over assets and automated decisions to handle planned and unplanned situations. All is achieved based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The IoT Platform and Asset Tracking System has the ability to adopt and deal with the following different devices and technologies:

  • GPS Trackers: Which can determine the location of different objects including customizable data like speed, geofence, direction, and behavior.
  • Digital Devices: You can get live videos and screen shots of the environment around the asset that we are monitoring.
  • Street Cameras: They can give valuable data about people, vehicles, and moving objects around a certain location.
  • Sensors: We can inject different sensors to read the environment variables around the objects, those sensors can be standalone or as part of a GPS device.
  • Secure Cases: We can design and integrate a full set of features to guarantee all your valuable assets are tracked within custom smart cases.
  • Secure Vehicles: We have designed and implanted several types of vehicles with different custom requirement based on vehicle design.


The IoT Platform has the ability to integrate with several layers including business automation layers. Which provides the functionality to cascade notifications, alerts, and valuable data about different tracked assets in the system based on simplified configuration, notifications management, and security scenario wizards that allows regular user to customize when and how they need to obtain the required information along with customized automated response.

Big Data Analysis

Using our tools and services to store data of different devices, you will be able to view and analyze your data, which will give you the chance to see where you can save time and cost and where to enhance your business environment.