Self Service Kiosks, Solutions and Software for Smart Services   

The industry experts at Tahaluf have the tools, technology, expertise and experience to build innovative kiosk solutions 100% customized to your organizational needs. Tahaluf kiosks use a broad range of exclusive design features, quality materials, innovative technologies and seamless assembly techniques to provide the highest levels of durability for your automated kiosks.   

Why Tahaluf Automated Kiosks?   

  • Integrate various hardware options and media players (such as swipe, card swipes, cameras, scanners, printers).
  • Customize the aesthetic options of your smart kiosk (paint, size, company logos).   
  • Multi-touch and multi-user capabilities. 
  • Safe, secure, vandal resistant, and attractive designs.
  • Brilliant images with incredible contrast.  
  • Flawless, accurate and effortless touch solutions.
  • Supports Windows, iOS, and Android.   

Engage Your Digital Based Customer   

Mesmerize and engage the new tech-led consumer with innovative, interactive experiences to efficiently connect and convert visitors in sales. Our award-winning automated kiosks encourage brands and businesses to remain connected to their increasingly digitized customers on site and off location. Drastically improve the consumer experience and refocus your human capital to higher valued activities by implementing automated kiosks.   

Automated Kiosk Applications   

  • Payment and bill pay solutions.   
  • Application status. 
  • Printing services.  
  • Loyalty and rewards programs.  
  • Point of Sale (POS).
  • Check-in services (healthcare, restaurants, hotels).   
  • Hotel and tourism (directions, local attractions).  
  • Virtual reception and way-finding.   
  • Digital signage for trade shows. 
  • Not for profit.   
  • Application and GUI design.
  • Government agencies.  

Take a leap ahead of the competition today with Tahaluf Automated Kiosk for Smart Services.