Apply for over 280+ services through Tahaluf’s smart system.

We enable large organizations to provide their services through our safe and secure virtual platform. We are dedicated to providing innovative software and technologies to streamline your organization’s service applications for the residents of any country.

eChannels: Is a web-based application that requires only a web browser with an internet connection to access and use the services through any device. It is a state-of-the-art platform that facilitates rapid processing of visa, residency, establishment and citizenship services with full integrated services with back-end systems. In the example of UAE, visas now can be issued within 30 minutes and most of the other services being fully automated with an instant response to customers. Tahaluf eChannels allow UAE nationals and residents to apply for their visas, seeking residency in the UAE, or looking to renew their passports. Tahaluf Al Emarat created a convenient and easy to navigate virtual platform to help local citizens and residents of the UAE to apply for over 280+ services all from the comforts of their home or office.

eChannels portal is considered the largest government e-services platform in the UAE with millions of transactions per month.

Minimize the Need for Office Visits

Are you looking to lower or eliminate the flow of traffic through your office site?

With the Tahaluf virtual portal your client will no longer have to take time out of their busy schedule to visit your physical office. Now they can apply for their documentation and track their progress from any smart device or computer. Not only does this save your client time, it saves your organization the valuable fees and resources associated with onsite processing and services.

Why Tahaluf Immigration Services?

From start to finish, the experts at Tahaluf are here to help and to streamline the application process. Our virtual solution center simplifies complex visa and other service applications. Whether you are a government agency specializing in residence visas and passport renewal or you specialize in locating qualified candidates to fill vacant employment positions, our software helps every step of the way.

Tahaluf Virtual Immigration Service Solution Center

Tahaluf virtual software solutions combine innovative technology with smart tools and techniques to accurately read and verify application details in real time. For example, if you are an employment agency looking to hire the perfect candidate for your client, our software establishes a baseline score customized to specific search parameters which allow you to locate the best applications for each employment listing. Think of the possibilities!

Expand Your Organizational Reach

Our virtual software solutions allow individuals and companies to apply, re-apply, track and complete their immigration and service procedures without the hassle of visiting an office or agency. Your client simply establishes a profile using our encrypted software and they can safely and securely apply for the service your organization offers. Tahaluf virtual software solutions expands your service reach beyond the parameters of your office.

Tahaluf software is applicable for over 280 services, including:   

  • Issuance and Renewal of Resident Visas.   
  • Mission Visas – 90 Days.   
  • Short Visit Entry Permits/Visas – 30 days.   
  • Long Visit Entry Permits /Visas – 90 days.   
  • Tourism Visas and Entry Permits.   
  • Passport Applications and Passport Renewals.   
  • Employment Permits.   
  • Application Screening.