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Our law enforcement case management solutions are designed to streamline your case management experience, freeing up valuable time and human resources.

What is the problem?

If information isn’t properly handled and processed during case investigation, criminals can walk free due to lack of evidence or because courts discover issues with data privacy and compliance.

What is the solution?

With Tahaluf Law Enforcement Smart Case Management Solutions officials will properly maintain, access and organize information pertaining to property, people, evidence, and crime scenes while simultaneously running effective investigations.

The dedicated experts at Tahaluf have worked with the largest law enforcement agencies and we understand best investigative practices. We have created an easy-to-use case management suite to streamline processes while simultaneously helping law enforcement officials to get their job done.

Our streamlined digital case management suite can be fully customized to include modules that meet your law enforcement agency needs. From case management solutions, blacklists, identities and civil records to forensic labs, crime scene management and weapons and permissions management, Tahaluf case management solutions cover the full cycle of the police and law enforcement work.   

Powerful Results and Proven Outcomes  

  • Manage your cases from incident intake through case resolution in one single, unified platform.   
  • Access all your data in one secure location to include incident reports, audio files, video files, written transcripts, pictures, documents, records, evidence, and more.   
  • Eliminate the possibility of duplicate data with innovative reconciliation capabilities.   
  • Access integrated reporting which allows users to launch dashboards and reports directly from the system.   
  • Experience case prioritization with our innovative solvability matrix.   
  • Protect privacy and meet audit compliance and regulations by keeping data safe and secure.   

When it comes to an investigation there are no second chances, invest to achieve the best outcome. Are you looking to improve your case management processes?

Start off ahead of the curve and contact the case management solution experts at Tahaluf today.   

Law Enforcement Case Management Solutions