Synchronize Your Defense Strategy

As cyber-attacks became more sophisticated and continue to evolve in the virtual and physical world, static technologies and outdated strategies can’t keep up. To predict and protect against potential cyber threats you need to leverage the latest in innovative security solutions and technologies to stop cyber-attacks and other unknown threats before they strike.

Tahaluf comprehensive security operations and national threat protection solutions deliver core functionality to anticipate, prevent, identify and respond to cyber-attacks and other national threats before they happen in the UAE. Using end-to-end security operations and response architecture, we leverage high-level cognitive technology to produce accurate and accelerated results across endpoint, network, cloud, and users.

Tahaluf security operations and national threat prediction solutions provide:   

  • Security analytics  
  • Threat hunting  
  • Incident response  
  • Threat intelligence  
  • Network and endpoint protection  

Transform your data into intelligence through context, relevance, and prioritization.   

Tahaluf national threat prediction solutions accelerate the transformation of threat data into actionable intelligence by uniting external and internal data for context and prioritization. Our approach to national threat prediction investigates, coordinates, enriches, analyzes and streamlines access to data across your agency or organization. Stay ahead of the next big threat.   

Strengthen your security presence with threat intelligence prediction solutions designed to arm your analysts with the intelligence controls, tools, technologies and automation required to protect your agency, employees, and customers.

Contact the experts at Tahaluf to learn more about how our software development and comprehensive process automation packages can assist with your organizational national threat prediction operations and management solutions.